Mike Edmonds  | Founder and CEO

Mike Edmonds | Founder and CEO

   Christian Foster |  Sales and Marketing

Christian Foster | Sales and Marketing

   Matthew Whatley |  Operations and Finance

Matthew Whatley | Operations and Finance

   Thomas Brown |  Director of Administration

Thomas Brown | Director of Administration

   Butter  | Chief Taste Tester

Butter | Chief Taste Tester



The Classic City Bakeries corporate office is located in Athens, Georgia where, among other things, the city is famous for its cycling scene. The city boasts miles of country roads, countless mountain bike trails, and four high-end bike shops. It also hosts one of the longest running bicycle races in the US, The Athens Twilight Criterium. This has led Athens to become a home base for many professional and aspiring professional bicycle racers. What does this have to do with Classic City Bakeries? Quite a lot actually.

The members of the Classic City Bakeries team are more than just coworkers. They met through their shared passion for cycling, and they have channeled that passion into their work. Some of their best ideas have come up on lunch rides, or after one of the nightly group rides that take place in Athens every spring and summer.